10 Long Distance Relationship Quotes To Send To Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

10 New Long Distance Relationship Quotes for you to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. It can be easier to say what you feel with a simple quote at times. Paul and I used to send these long distance relationship quotes often throughout the day when one or the other of us were working and we couldn’t text as much as we liked. They are great for saying a lot in just one text.

Travelling the distance quote for long distance relationships. This is so true for most long distance relationships. You have already sent them your heart, unfortunately you just have to wait for the rest of you to catch up!

I cant reach you yet quote for long distance. Sometimes it feels as though one or the other of you isn’t trying as hard to be there. Life can make it difficult to meet up as soon as you would like and insecurity can make you feel like the other person isn’t putting in the effort at times.

I miss you all the time simple quote for long distance relationships. The biggest thing in any long distance relationship is missing one another. It can be so all-encompassing that you can’t express it with words.

There really is no way to fully describe how much you can miss someone when you are deeply in love but unable to be with one another.


Mountains and miles quote for long distance couples. We all have those days where being together seems impossible for whatever reason. At those times it’s great to have some inspirational quotes to keep you feeling positive.

Your arms around me long distance quote. One of the most longed for things in an LDR is also one of the simplest for non distance couples. A hug can make a bad day better.

Scared of meeting for the first time. The first meeting for any long distance couple can be terrifying but I think most will agree that the thought of not ever meeting is much more upsetting.

Falling for their heart and soul – loving long distance. This is so true about being in a long distance relationship. These kinds of relationships are built on trust and friendship. You get to know your partner on a different level before you get to meet. When the time comes to meet it may be awkward at first but after a very short time it will feel just as comfortable as being with your best friend.

Another simple I miss you quote because thats what long distance really means. Missing somebody so much that your heart aches for them. Wishing they were with you when they are miles away. Longing for a hug that could make it all better.

Lighthearted long distance quote. Goals for long distance couples are quite a bit different than for other couples who can be together whenever they want. This was in fact something we jokingly said. It’s the simple things that couples in an LDR miss out on. Plus you get to make up after arguing!

The simple truth of a long distance relationship is that they are special. It takes two special hearts to connect over a distance and stay connected for whatever length of time it takes until they can be together.

LDR’s are not easy but the benefits are well worth it, you can get to know one another in a way that many relationships don’t. You can tell things by tone of voice, sense their emotions in the way that they speak and much more. It’s hard to miss someone so much and not be able to comfort one another but at the end of the day you are putting real effort into your relationship and building a strong foundation for what’s to come.

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