10 Romantic Gift Ideas for Her – Long Distance Relationship


Are you looking for a romantic gift idea for your long distance girlfriend but struggling to find the perfect gift to send?

Choosing a gift for your girlfriend can be difficult and even more so when you live apart and haven’t had the opportunity to visit her often, or perhaps you haven’t visited at all yet. You don’t have the benefit of seeing where she lives, which means you can’t exactly look around her house for inspiration or to see if she already has whatever you are considering buying.

Luckily the internet is full of interesting and unique gift ideas, so if you want a romantic gift that’s a little bit different check out our choice of 10 romantic gift ideas for your long distance girlfriend.

1. Diamond Candles Fragrant Jewels Queen of Diamonds Jewel Candle with Collectible Rings (Size 5-10)

Diamond candles are a really unique gift idea that any scented candle fan will love.

They are available in a wide range of different scents but what is really unique about these candles is that each candle contains a ring!

Not only is there a cute ring to be revealed by burning the candle but there is also a chance to win a ring of greater value ( ranging from a $100 ring up to $5000.)
If your girlfriend loves scented candles, why not pick up her favorite scent and have it sent directly to her home!

2. Romantic Preserved Rose SANRAN Eternal Flower | Preserved Rose, Real Forever Rose in Delicate Metal Box, for Mom, Girlfriend, Her, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Anniversary (Dark Violet)


Want to send something a little bit different to standard flowers? A preserved rose is a wonderfully unique gift that is sure to melt her heart!

Described as a symbol of forever love, this beautiful rose is perfect for a special occasion or any time that you just want to remind your girlfriend of how much she means to you.

This delightful gift is a preserved rose, a fresh rose that is made to last for 3 to 5 years and is environmentally friendly, it comes in a cute ornate holder.

These roses are available in a range of colors



3. Jar of Love Notes KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Love Messages (for Couples) - Infinite Love

Another popular romantic gift for couples in long distance relationships is a love note jar.

Each jar contains 31 love notes, that can be opened each day for a month or simply whenever she’s feeling a little lonely. There are many different styles of jars to choose from including jars for Valentine’s Day, Be Mine jars and more.

Each note comes in a decorative envelope and a sweet message to tell your partner how much they mean to you. The jar also makes a great keepsake holder when empty!

For a more personalized jar you could always make your own or check out the range of love note jars available over at Amazon.com


4. Why I Love You Journal Why I Love You: A Journal of Us (What I Love About You Journal)


The written word can be pretty powerful and if you want to choose something really personal for your girlfriend then this “Why I love you” journal might be exactly the right gift.

This cute couples journal is just waiting to be filled and is a lovely way to tell your girlfriend exactly what she means to you, written in your own hand and for her eyes only, its a great way to make those miles seem shorter and a beautiful keepsake you can both treasure when you finally close the distance.

If you have ever struggled with not knowing what to write, don’t worry, this delightful little book is full of prompts and fun questions such as “If our relationship was a novel, what would the title be?” that will make writing your thoughts easy and fun.

Grab your own Why I Love You journal today and pour your heart out!


5. 120 Languages of Love Heart Pendant Nano Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Heart Pendant I Love You Necklace 120 Languages Inscribed Black Cubic Zirconia, 18"


What better way to express your love than by saying it in 120 different languages?

This beautiful heart shaped pendant by Nano Jewelry comes in four different designs and is inscribed with 24k gold love phrases in 120 different languages.

Made from sterling silver this unique pendant comes with a matching magnifying glass for reading the inscriptions.

6. Personalized Artwork Print, Canvas or Framed Couples Gift, Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Fiance, Long Distance Relationship Map, True Love knows no distance Print, Framed or Canvas

Another sweet gift idea is this personalized print which is available in canvas or as a framed print.

The print reads, True Love Knows no Distance and can be personalized with both your names and a specific date or anniversary.

Available in a range of sizes and colors, this gift is a lovely way for your girlfriend to have a visual reminder of your relationship that she can hang in any room of the house.



7. Personalized Photo Memory Cube GiftsForYouNow Wooden Because I Love You Message Photo Cube, 4.5" All Sides - Natural Wood Color with Free Personalized Names and Custom Message Engraving, 4 Open Slots for 2.5" x 2.5" Photographs

For those of you who have already met your long distance girlfriend in person and have some photos of the times you have spent together, this personalized photo memory cube makes a great gift.

Each cube can be engraved with your names and a personal message and features 4 different photos areas for you to add your own special memories.

All you need to do is fill in the custom form with your message and add the cube to your cart, when it arrives you can add your photos and it’s ready to send to your loved one!


8. Our Story Scrapbook Album SICOHOME Scrapbook,Our Story Scrapbook Album

Many long distance couples start a scrapbook together to document their relationship. Its a great way to keep memories together and some couples choose to send the book back and forth so both partners can add to it.

This lovely set comes with a 40 page scrapbook and gift box as well as some scrapbooking supplies to get you started.

The ring binding allows you to add or remove pages as needed.



9. Say it With Chocolate – Gift Basket for Her Godiva Chocolatier Chocolate Celebration Gift Basket, Classic

No list would really be complete without chocolate and if your girl has a sweet tooth then this beautiful chocolate gift basket will let her know your thinking of her.

This lovely gift basket includes signature chocolate truffles, milk chocolate truffles and milk and dark chocolate bars packaged in a faux leather base and tied with a gold ribbon.

There are many different chocolate gift baskets to choose from in a range of designs.



10. Her Favorite Perfume Gift Set Hot Sale ! 4 PC Perfume Gift Set for Women, Flower City Scent Fragrances Spray Perfume for Girls Valentine's Day Gift

Perfume is almost always a great gift and if you happen to know your girlfriends favorite scent then finding a gift set of that perfume is sure to make her smile.

It might take a little detective work to find out which she really loves but once you do you can surprise her by remembering and sending her favorite as a surprise!


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