Gift Ideas for Long-Distance Girlfriends

If you are looking for gift ideas for your long distance girlfriend, but are out of ideas this list should help you out. Paul is very creative with the gifts he sends to me, sometimes it’s something I need and sometimes it’s something that will cheer me up when I’m missing him, he’s great at surprises and seem’s to always know exactly what I will love.

10 Things to Send Your Girlfriend That She Will Love

1. An Item of Clothing

LONGMING Women's Fashion Big V-Neck Pullover Loose Sexy Batwing Sleeve Wool Cashmere Sweater Winter Tops

I think most girlfriends will agree, especially those of us who are in a long distance relationship, that having something that your boyfriend has worn is a really special gift. Sending her your favorite sweater sprayed with your cologne that she can cuddle up in isn’t quite the same as a hug, but it come’s close.

Image courtesy of Amazon

2. Get Well Soon Gift Basket

Get Well Soon Gift Set Basket in Custom Box with Soup, Mug and More- Unique Your girlfriends has the flu and needs cheering up, this thoughtful get well soon gift basket is really cute and is sure to make her feel better, it comes with a cute “hug mug”, some flu supplies like chicken noodle soup and most importantly emergency chocolate.

You can find this gift basket and more over on Amazon

3. Flowers for No Reason

Benchmark Bouquets Signature Roses and Alstroemeria, With Vase (Fresh Cut Flowers)

Flowers for Valentine’s Day are lovely, flowers for no reason at all are even better.

Sending your girlfriend flowers just to show you are thinking of her are a great way to say I love you and she will really appreciate the gesture.

Most women do love to receive flowers, its a classic gift that will melt most women’ hearts.

Rose’s are a favorite of course and this lovely bunch is a bestseller over on Amazon

4. Love Notes

KindNotes Glass Keepsake Gift Jar with Inspirational Messages - Time Travel Coffee

These jars of notes come in several different designs for different occasions and each jar includes 31 sweet messages (one a day) that are sure to brighten her day.

Ideal for birthdays, Valentines or just because.

You can find them over on Amazon 

5. Pillow Hug

Oh, Susannah Hug This Pillow Until You Can Hug Me - LDR Pillow Case 20x30 Standard/Queen Size Pillowcase Long Distance Relationship Gifts Girlfriend Gifts

She’s missing you and you’re missing her, this pillow may be simple but it is sure to become something she treasures until the time comes that you can be there beside her.

This is a perfect gift for your long distance girlfriend and you can find it at Amazon

6. Personalized Fortune Cookie

Bey-Berk Silver Plated Chinese Fortune Cookie with Hinge, Tarnish Proof

If you want something a little different and much more personal this cute fortune cookie makes a great gift. You can put your own message inside and send it to your girlfriend.

A great idea if you are planning a surprise visit and want to give her a hint about what’s in her future!

These are also available to order on Amazon

7. A Modern Mixtape

The Original MASHTAPE-Holiday Christmas Gift Design, 8GB USB Cassette Flash Drive

A modern version of a mix tape, this retro cassette design flash drive can hold up to 2000 songs so you can really get creative with a mixture of your favorite songs as a couple or photos of you together or a mix of both!

It’s a lovely thoughtful gift that is ideal for when she’s travelling, you can even record some personal messages and add them to the drive for her so she can hear your voice whenever she wants.

Check them out at Amazon

8. Dual Time Zone Watch

Gotham Woman's Gold-Tone Dual Time Red Leather Strap Watch # GWC15090GR

If you and your girlfriend live in different time zone’s then this cute watch makes a sweet gift, she can always know what time it is where you are and makes scheduling phone calls and skype dates much easier.

This watch is available in red or black and silver and is sure to make her smile.

Available at

9. Recordable Bear with 30 second Digital Recorder

BEAREGARDS.COM Recordable Bear with 30 Second Digital Recorder

This adorable bear comes with a digital recorder so you can record your own 30 second message for your girlfriend.

Another cute idea she is sure to love and something else to cuddle until you get there!

Available at  Amazon

10. YOU

Distance Means So Little US Map 8x10 Inch Art Print Love Quote Long Distance Relationship Gift Map Artwork

Let’s face it, if your in a long distance relationship, YOU is what she really wants. It may seem obvious but a surprise visit or even a planned one will mean more to her than any gift you can buy.

Although not always possible, sometimes even talking about an upcoming trip to visit her will be enough to cheer your woman up.

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