Gadget Gift Ideas for Long Distance Boyfriend

Photo by Karol D from Pexels

Most guys out there are gadget-loving geeks, whether they know it or not…
If there is one thing I’m sure about, it’s that I love to tinker with things, to explore tech from the simple to the bizarre!

From as far back as I can remember, gadgets/gizmos/novelties of all kinds have always given me a delightful feeling (nothing like the delightful feeling I get when I hear Jean’s voice of course..)
Jean herself knows just how into tech I can be, it’s not often I don’t manage to bring up the word “Computer” during a conversation with her and it probably drives her crazy in secret… I’m sorry honey!!

There are so many choices when it comes to gadgets to play around with, I’m sure that special guy in your life has a few ideas of his own, but I’ll go ahead and show you a few of mine!

1. Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe

Carejoy C shape Decoration Magnetic Levitation Floating Globe World Map

Here we have a very shiny looking (watch me dazzle like a diamond in the rough!) Floating Globe of the world map.

So maybe not a diamond, but this funky little workstation novelty is a treat to look at while your guy is hard at work!
The globe itself floats between an integrated magnetic system, the secret to its gravity-defying look! Cool right?

Personally, I like this one, there are a few out there but I love the sleek simple design, looks great in the dark by the way!


2. Holy Stone Quad-Copter Holy Stone GPS FPV RC Drone HS100 with Camera Live Video 1080P HD and GPS Return Home Quadcopter with Adjustable Wide-Angle WIFI Camera Follow Me, Altitude Hold, Intelligent Battery Long Control Range


Fly like a bird! Come on .. he’s thinking it, aren’t we all?!
Now although you don’t actually get wings from this awesome looking copter, you are given a brilliant birds-eye view!

I’d do anything for wings, to be honest, at least then id be able to fly to my girl, no traffic/no waiting times/no delays ugh ..
What’s better for your long-distance boyfriend, a can of Red Bull (doesn’t give you wings!!) or a cool looking speedy flying featherless Quad-Copter??

He could take an awesome photo of himself and his home or even capture a video of something you want to see. It also has a GPS return home system feature… So it’s safe in his hands too! If your man loves his boy’s toys then he’ll sure take to this.

Take a peek, you know it’s tempting!

3. Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum-Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa, Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

Who really wants to stand around holding your upright vacuum while it does its business (not literally!)
Maybe your boyfriend prides himself in his ability to keep his place clean. He certainly wants it to look the part when you come over to visit right?!

This nifty Roomba Vacuum you see here is the perfect buddy for your man, whether he likes to clean or not, he could do something else while the vacuum cleans the floors for him (I didn’t say anything about sleeping..)

Better yet, if he has any idea what Amazon Alexa is, he can control this lean kind cleaning machine from his phone! It’s so easy..

Grab it while he has a floor he can still see! (He WILL love it)

4. Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Shaver

Philips Norelco Special Edition Star Wars Poe Wet & Dry Electric Shaver, SW6700/91, with Turbo+ mode and Precision Trimmer

Hey now, prickly isn’t always the best suited for either of you! (Kissing is what i meant..) you don’t always want to look forward to saying (OUCHHH!!) when you meet up with your man, do you?..
Besides, shaving that face keeps him looking nice and tidy and im sure it helps him feel better too.

Treat him to his very own personal barber with this brilliant Philips (Did i mention Stars Wars Edition??) Wet and Dry Electric Shaver..

Give him the comfort and potential style he deserves (your the judge on that one..)


5. Aicok Coffee Machine

Aicok Single Serve Coffee Maker, Single Cup Coffee Brewer with One-Touch Buttons for Most Single Cup Pods including K-CUP Pods, Quick Brew Technology, 800W, Black If there’s one thing i crave the taste for when i wake in the mornings, (other than her voice..) it’s the sweet addictive cup of coffee, pretty sure im the not the only guy who thinks this way right? Am i?!..

He dreams of it when hes sleeping, he knows when its being brewed.. those beans jump into the coffee machine and your boyfriend wakes with the flu.. aww.. now he needs a cup to warm him up!


Just one milky coffeeeee, that’s all he needs.. this machine is his little helper and you are his keyyy..

He’ll make you a hot cup first! (Just ask nicely)

6. Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa

Echo Dot (3rd Gen) - Smart speaker with Alexa - Charcoal

Now we all wish there was a simpler and easier (I didn’t say lazy) way to control things around the home..
We guys love to think we can just click our fingers and turn off the lights, you do too right??..

Echo Dot is a great little gadget, it allows you to control lights/music/videos and many more things around your home all at the sound of your very own voice (well his voice in this case)

I doubt very much he wants to stand up of his sofa when hes all comfortable and relaxed about to watch a date night movie with you over Skype or something right?!

Just ask him to turn down the lights and he can literally pass on the message!

7. Celestron 127EQ PowerSeeker Telescope Celestron - PowerSeeker 127EQ Telescope - Manual German Equatorial Mount - Telescopes for Adults - Compact and Portable - BONUS Astronomy Software Package - 127mm Aperture

Stargazer/loves to see the unthinkable?? Why not give him a chance to actually see those stars up close before he tells you he’s looking at the same sky as you are!
Maybe the sky isn’t as wonderful as you are to him but it’s such a relaxing hobby to take up.. He can take photos or live stream what hes looking at with you through his phone maybe..

Give him a deep delving look into the heavens (not talking about your eyes here!) your boyfriend would love it in time im sure, maybe he’s already a secret astronomer and you just haven’t discovered it yet..

Go sky spotting with him!

8. Oculus Rift Oculus Rift + Touch Virtual Reality System

Being able to step into the world of a game you’ve always been fond of (literally) having the surroundings and views around your very person.. Who doesn’t want that kind of experience?!

Now, not everybody may like their gaming world but your partner in crime (boyfriend) lets not get confused now.. I’ll bet you he likes his gaming (maybe) find out first!

This gizzmoey gadgetry world of wonders immerses you into an environment in which you couldn’t possibly create by yourself, you can always hear the fire of a cannon and the swish of a wave, but actually being involved so close up.. Virtual Reality is a great reliever of stress in all areas!

Virtual Reality is amazing in its own right and you both deserve to experience these yourselves!!

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