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Matching Gifts for Long Distance Couples

When you can’t be with your boyfriend/girlfriend on a day to day basis, finding a gift that you can share can mean a lot to both of you. Paul and I spent a lot of time browsing together for couple gifts or gifts that came in pairs because not only do we both enjoy shopping, but it was something we could do together. We came up with this list of cute matching gifts and wanted to share what we found so that other couples could find the perfect gift too!

These gifts are from Boldloft and you can find the whole range available over at Amazon or check out our choices below.

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1. Long Distance Matching Pillowcases

Anyone who has spent any time in a long-distance relationship will know what it feels like to sleep alone every night and what it means to have anything that connects them to their partner while they sleep.

So a pillowcase isn’t going to replace the arms you wish were holding you but just knowing that your boyfriend or girlfriend has the matching pillowcase to your’s can be comforting. We loved these cute cases and boldloft have several designs to choose from over at Amazon.

Check them out here: Boldloft couples pillowcases

2. Couples Matching Mugs

BOLDLOFT Wish You Were Here Couple Coffee Mugs- Long Distance Relationships Gifts, Long Distance Mugs, Couples Gifts, His and Hers Gifts, LDR Gifts,Anniversary Gifts,Boyfriend Gifts,Girlfriend Gifts Most couples in an LDR long for the simplest things in a relationship, such as having their morning coffee together, if you are anything like Paul and me, the idea of waking up together and enjoying something as simple as a cup of coffee together would mean the world to you both. That’s why we love these coffee mugs, they come in pairs, so you may be miles apart but you can both drink out of your matching mugs in the morning!

Again, there are many different designs to choose from and you can see them all here on Amazon

3. Soulmate Glasses BOLDLOFT"Forever" His and Hers Drinking Glasses-Wedding Gifts,Wedding Gifts for the Couple,Wedding Gifts for Bride and Groom,His and Hers Gifts,Anniversary Gifts,His and Hers Gifts

Soul Mate - 15oz Crystal Wine Glasses - Couples Stemless Wine Glasses - His And Hers Gifts Ideas For Anniversary, Weddings, Bridal Showers
These soulmate matching glasses make a lovely gift for an anniversary or other special occasions. Perfect for a long-distance dinner date night or even as a decorative reminder that you are one half of a whole.

It’s gifts like these that remind us that although apart, we are part of a pair and that one day we will be together.

Find them here on Amazon

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