30 Long-Distance Relationship Activities and Ideas

Fun Long-distance relationship activities to try for a whole month!

Long-distance relationships can be a lot of fun, even miles apart there are still tons of great activities that you can do together, whether it’s by text, WhatsApp or video calls on skype.

Paul and I have been together for a year and a half, long-distance and have spent the majority of that time communicating by text and phone calls. Below is our list of ideas and activities for long-distance couples that are not only fun but can help to make the distance seem less. These activities have brought us closer and not only are we a couple, but we are best friends too.

A Month of Fun Activities for Long-Distance Couples

Not all of these activities will apply to every relationship because of course, they depend on the stage of your relationship, the distance, time difference and so on but hopefully you can get some ideas for fun activities that you and your partner can try out together.

Day 1 – Watch a Movie Together

For those of you who communicate mostly by phone calls or text, this one may seem pretty basic but it’s something that most couples do and just because you’re not sitting in front of the same tv doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy watching a movie together. Arrange a time when you are both going to be free and have fun choosing a movie to watch. Paul and I would plan ahead and choose snacks that we both liked so that we could have the same on movie night. We both love watching movies and ice-cream so this is something we do often.

Our Movie suggestion: Going the distance (you can both rent it on Amazon)

Day 2 – Texting Games

If you are at the beginning of your long-distance relationship and have never met, or even if you have and want to get to know your partner a little better, texting games are a great way to do that. They can be spontaneous and fun and are a great activity throughout the day while you are both busy at home, school or work.

We played a ton of texting games and they really brought us closer and helped us to get to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

You can see a list of some of the texting games we tried out here.

Day 3 – Make a Song Playlist on Deezer or Spotify

This is one of those long-distance relationship activities that most couples will do anyway. We used Deezer and not only did we learn each other’s taste in music, but it was a great way to discover “our song”. When we are apart or I am feeling a little lonely, I can put on our playlist and it always makes me feel closer to Paul, we also add to our list often so it’s growing all the time. We jokingly called it our wedding song list! It’s the long-distance version of making a mixtape, but making it together!

Day 4 – Cook Together

This may not be for everyone but it can be a really fun activity if you both have the time, you can choose a recipe to try out together and have fun baking or cooking something at the same time. The first thing we baked together were chocolate muffins and we had a lot of fun, plus we got to eat them together during movie night!

If you don’t have a lot of time to bake you could try one of these muffin mixes, they are quick and easy and tasty too.

Day 5 – Play Games Online Together

Whether you met in real life, on facebook or elsewhere, playing games online together can be a great activity. Paul and I met through playing games and we still play when we can. No matter what type of game you play, it could be something on facebook Gameroom or an online multiplayer where you can create an avatar and interact together.

Check out some of our suggestions for Online Games for Couples 

Day 6 – Visit Each Other on Google Maps

Visiting one another on Google maps can be a lot of fun but is something you want to wait to do until you know and trust each other well enough to show each other where you live. Once you do though, it can be a lovely experience to show one another your favorite locations, where you grew up, the places you visit most often and so on.

Day 7 – Read a Book Together

If you both love to read then reading a book together is another great activity that you can both enjoy, You can read a chapter each and it’s a lovely way to spend time together, especially if you are struggling to find things to talk about early on. Personally, I love listening to Paul’s voice as he reads, I find it very soothing, I love his accent and the tone of his voice, the only problem is that sometimes it’s so relaxing that I end up falling to sleep!

Day 8 – Take Quizzes and Solve Riddle’s Together

If you don’t have time to talk on the phone and are tired of just texting then there are lots of great app’s that you can play together, they don’t even have to be two-player apps, we downloaded riddle app’s and throughout the day texted riddles to each other, it was a lot of fun. There are also a lot of online couple quizzes you can take that are great for getting to know each other better.

Day 9 – Build A Website or Facebook Page Together

Having something to work on together can be a great way to spend your time, especially if you have been together for a while. You have a common goal and interest and you will both learn something new. You will also find out how well you work together on projects which is really important, if you can build something online together it will show you how you work as a team.

Day 10 – Get Fit Together

Try downloading a fitness app and working out together, it’s healthy and a nice way to use up some energy when you can’t do other things together! Paul has always been into fitness whereas it’s not something I know a lot about. I learned a lot and it was great fun too.

Day 11 – Send Gift’s to Each Other

This will happen anyway, for birthdays, Christmas, etc but it doesn’t have to be exclusive to holidays for you to send each other gifts, you can make your own or order them online and surprise your other half with something in the post!

Paul and I chose to send a long-distance care box to each other, filled with treats we enjoy that we cannot get locally so I could try out the things he likes and vice versa. He particularly loved the chocolate bars I sent because he had never tried them before.

Day 12 – Plan Ahead

Depending on the stage of your relationship this may be easy or may be something you want to do later on. There are lots of ways you can plan ahead together, for example, we chose a random kitchen website with lots of photos of kitchens and went through the photos together talking about which we liked and which we didn’t, what we would change on so on.

Doing this can really help you feel connected and is a lot of fun too as we found our tastes are quite similar!

Day 13 – Use a Couple’s App

Ditch Facebook for a while and download a couples app, there are a few different ones to choose from and most offer everything you want to communicate with your other half. In a private setting, you can share photos, chat, make a shared calendar, add lists and more.

You can leave each other notes or share a favorite long-distance quote or meme.

Day 14 – Send Something Personal

Like his sweater or another item of clothing, spray some cologne or perfume on it and send it to your partner, they will love it, guaranteed. At around the sixth month of our long-distance relationship, Paul sent me one of his favorite hoodies, it was huge on me and really cozy and I wear it whenever I want to feel closer to him.

Day 15 – Keep a Long Distance Relationship Journal Together

The written word is always more personal than texting or sending an email. Keeping a journal or diary or even a scrapbook is a great activity when you’re in a long-distance relationship. One of you can start it, fill it in for a month and then post it to your other half, who then does the same for a month before posting it back.

Day 16 – Go Shopping Online for Personalized Gifts Together

Want matching T-shirts? Matching couple mugs? Spend time choosing a design or photo together and get it printed on T-shirts, coffee mugs or mousepads.

Day 17 – Sign up for an Online Course/Class Together

The internet is full of free classes and courses that you could take with your significant other, not only will you learn something new but you can enjoy learning and studying together. Everything you do together is creating memories and one day you can both look back and say, “do you remember when we learned how to…”

Day 18 – Eat out at the Same Restaurant Together

Maybe you don’t like the idea of dining out alone but you and your partner can eat out together, this works especially well if you facetime or video call on your mobile, choose a chain that has a restaurant local to both of you, if possible and “meet” there for your virtual date

Day 19 – Write a Letter to Each Other

Write a letter to each other at the same time, don’t tell each other what your writing and if possible take a trip out to post the letter together, you will both receive a handwritten letter which is way more personal than email and can surprise each other with what you wrote, you can even read them aloud to each other when you get on the phone again.

Day 20 – Grow Something Together

Growing a plant together is a sweet and easy thing to do, you can spend time choosing the type of plant and remind one another to water/care for your plant each day as well as send photos and compare your plants.

Day 21 – Design your Home Together

There are several websites and app’s that will allow you to design a virtual home together if that’s something both of you would enjoy you can spend many hours of fun arguing where exactly the tv should go and what color to paint the kitchen!

Day 22 – Name a Star Together

You can register and name your own star as a couple, there are many websites that allow you to name your own star, you can get creative with your partner and use the nicknames you have for each other or your real names or a combination of both names. You will be issued with a certificate of your star which makes for a lovely keepsake too!

Day 23 – Make a Collage of Memories

Just because you don’t see each other often, doesn’t mean that you are not creating memories all the time, even when apart. You both probably have tons of photos you have already sent to each other, make a collage of those photos as a record of your time together and talk about what you were both doing when you sent/received the photos.

Day 24 – Watch Videos in Sync

Want to share that new music video with your other half? Well instead of sharing it on Viber or Whatsapp, try out Syncvideo, a website that allows you to create your own chat room (it can be a private room) and watch the video in sync.

Check out Syncvideo here

Day 25 – Draw Together

Drawing together is one of our favorite long-distance activities, depending on your mood it can be cute and fun or just plain hilarious. There are many different phone apps and multi-user whiteboard websites that allow users to create a group whiteboard to draw and sketch together.

We did this with a phone app where we could both draw together, it was hilarious.

Day 26 – Decorate a Room Together

Okay, so you can’t do the actual decorating together but, you can choose a room in your’s or his/her home to decorate, choose paint or wallpaper, decor and so on and totally redesign a room. This works especially well if it’s the room that you spend the most time in when talking/skyping your long-distance partner.

Day 27 – Celebrate the Holidays

Although you may not be together at the moment, there’s nothing stopping you from preparing and enjoying the holidays together, carve pumpkins together via video or photo for Halloween or have a fancy dress competition with your other half. You can decorate the Christmas Tree together or make a gingerbread house.

The holidays are hard when you’re in a long-distance relationship, but if you focus on the things you can do together rather than the things you can’t then you can make it a lot easier.

Day 28 – And when you can’t Celebrate – Cry

This might seem like a strange one, but this is your other half, your soul mate and if you’re missing them, get on the phone and let them know how you feel, cry together, I promise you will both feel closer for it.

Don’t save your phone calls and videos for just the best times together, your partner will appreciate that you feel close enough to them to be open and honest and show your emotions from time to time. This is part of being a couple that you can’t miss out on and is what builds a real relationship together.

Day 29 – Dance, Sing and be Daft together

Tell each other jokes, dance like nobody is watching and sing to or with your partner over the phone. The most important thing is to have fun together, watch a video on youtube of songs that are impossible not to sing along to and have a laugh together.

Day 30 – Plan to Meet Up

An obvious one and an incredibly important one, whether its your first meeting or one of many, plan ahead, the planning can be fun, talking about what you will do together, where you will eat, what activities you will do will help make the wait a little easier, not a lot but it does help.

Which long-distance relationship activities have you tried? Let us know in the comments!

You what it’s like trying to think of new activities, hopefully we have given you some ideas and if you have any you would like to share with us, please let us know!

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